Our Product

Product line
Our product line includes computer workstations, computer desks, conference tables, office chairs, office desks, and office cabinets.

We use E1 laminate board from Egger of Austria which is a recycled product under ISO9001 certification. In order to protect our environment, except for metal, all accessories are originally designed with nylon, PE and PP instead of PVC.

Quality assurance program is under MIL-STD 105E and MIL-STD 414, the finest quality materials through modern high-tech equipments and strict quality control allow us to produce the finest quality products.

We make High Quality Furniture for just about any application where you use computers. Every piece of furniture manufactured by Sigma goes through a meticulous process of design, engineering, and precise machining. A Quality Control Department checks every furniture and guarantees its perfection through the Sigma Seal of Standard Quality before it is delivered to our customers.

We normally ask independent labs to test our products. This includes drop tests, load tests and test for racking.

Our Market
Sigma produces computer furniture for the Japanese market. Every product bears the mark of perfection that every Sigma engineers seeks to achieve in his work through attention to detail in materials, up-to-date technology and finishes.

For the international market, Sigma exports computer furniture in volume to meet the demands of clients in Japan, United States, Europe, Philippines, and other countries.

40% - JAPAN
20% - EUROPE
05% - OTHERS

Our very satisfied customers trust only Sigma to produce the computer furniture they specify, and which they expect to last for many years.

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